Paul Noonan joins the Cast of Stormchaser

We’re thrilled to have Paul Noonan join the cast of STORMCHASER as “Bonnie’s Father,” a storm chaser and hero to Bonnie. Paul is a Massachusetts native and a New England based actor whose most notable projects are independent short film, Interim (September release) in the role of Dr. Calvin, and the independent feature film, First Signal (filming begins in August) in the role of Senator Paul Hadrian. Paul enjoys performing with local theater productions, but focuses mainly on film and commercial projects. He’d like to thank his children, Conor and Casey for their inspiration as well as his late mom, Kathi, his biggest fan. Paul would also like to thank STORMCHASER’s writer/director, Gretl Claggett, for giving him this wonderful opportunity to work on this awesome project with such an amazing and talented group of cast and crew members.