Paul Noonan

Paul was born on November 12, 1970 in Boston, MA.  He grew up in Pembroke, MA and although no longer in Pembroke, that’s where he calls home.

In Paul’s pre-teens, he had the opportunity to appear in a Zayre department store commercial and it was then that he discovered what he wanted to do; perform and be in front of the camera. When he was 16, his mother brought him into Boston and Paul met with and joined The Cameo Agency. From that point until his mid-twenties, Paul enjoyed success in acting and print, appearing in a national ABC television show, several feature films, commercials, industrial videos and print ads. Also, while in college, Paul DJ’d at the school’s radio station and also DJ’d and emceed functions with a couple of friends. At 23, he started a full time job as he needed more steady income to provide for his family and Paul soon came to the realization that making it to auditions and booking acting work was no longer realistic. So he put that dream and passion aside, knowing that when the time was right, he would pursue it again.

At age 44, Paul encountered many life changes, including the decision to leave the corporate world after 16 years with the same company. Shortly thereafter, he moved down to Florida to spend some time with his Mom, Kathi. While in FL, Paul spent quality time with his Mom and also volunteered at the Humane Society of Broward County and Plantation Elementary School, where he mentored young children in reading. Sadly, Paul’s Mom passed away on Mother’s Day, 2016 and Paul made his way back up north, landing in Tiverton, RI.

Back in New England, Paul found himself in the perfect position to reignite his dream and passion of pursuing a career in acting after a 20+ year hiatus. He put together his resume, got professional headshots done and started networking and promoting himself full time. Within the first 3 months, Paul booked roles in several feature films, short films, commercials, web series and a theatrical play. He also landed an agent, signing on with Model Club, Inc. out of Boston.

Paul is passionate about being of service and also currently volunteers at two different Nursing Homes in Rhode Island. He has also spent some time volunteering on a suicide hotline. Taking nothing for granted and realizing that he is blessed in so many ways, Paul is eternally grateful for all of the opportunities that have come his way and is thrilled that he has enjoyed many successes so early on in his re-entry into the acting industry.